B2B / Digital Marketing Manager

Type: Full-Time

Category: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Product Marketing

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida (relocation not covered)

Job Summary: The SSL Store, a top cybersecurity distributor headquartered in St Petersburg, FL, has an immediate opening for a conversion-focused digital marketer with a strong aptitude for understanding and marketing technical products.

The B2B / Digital Marketing Manager position will be responsible for using effective product positioning, sales copywriting, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, and upselling/cross-selling to move products through our websites and other channels.

This role requires both strategic and tactical marketing expertise to drive sales of our cybersecurity and web hosting products through a variety of digital channels. An extensive background in conversion-focused marketing and a deep passion for digital marketing, sales copywriting, conversion, and data analysis is needed to effectively lead and contribute to the success/profitability of our websites.

You will need to be in tune with our customers, technology, products, competitors, vendors, and overall industry eco-system. Some knowledge/experience related to web hosting / website management / cybersecurity will be helpful, and a strong interest in technology is essential.

Use strategic insights backed by market evidence to drive the development of product positioning, sales copy, and messaging that captures attention, builds interest, and leads to a purchase. Deep use of marketing and web analytics will be needed to identify opportunities, track results, and optimize for greater performance.

Collaborate with our marketing & sales teams to make new product launches a success through effective copywriting, offers, upsells, cross-sells, and email marketing. An end-to-end understanding of how to effectively implement and optimize sales messages/offers on websites and email is essential.


  • Gain market intelligence—be the expert on our buyers, who are they, how they buy and their key buying criteria. Become an expert on our competition and how they are positioned.
  • Develop product positioning, value propositions, and messaging that uses sales copywriting best practices to capture the attention of our target buyers, build interest in the value offered, and drive conversions/sales/revenue.
  • Use sales copywriting to create and implement offers (on our websites and in email campaigns) that capture attention, build interest, and drive revenue.
  • Implement A/B & multivariate tests of sales copy, offers, upsells, pricing, and other key factors to maximize revenue.
  • Identify, prioritize, and execute on opportunities to drive revenue by selling new/additional products to our existing customers, or reaching new groups of potential customers.
  • Use marketing analytics to measure the effectiveness of marketing programs on an ongoing basis, and identify opportunities for optimization, new campaigns, and more.
  • Drive the success of new product launches through effective positioning, sales copywriting, pricing, and marketing campaigns.
  • Use sales copywriting skills to create materials that assist our sales teams in more effectively capturing attention, presenting product value propositions, and closing deals.
  • Become a subject matter expert for the company products & technologies. Find better ways to communicate to customers how we can help them solve (or even avoid) their most pressing challenges.
  • Be a part of the pricing strategy process, especially as it relates to conversion optimization and website split tests.
  • Craft compelling copy and messages across various marketing channels (collateral, presentations, landing pages, ad campaigns, upsells, email campaigns) as needed.


  • 5+ years of digital marketing experience.
  • Proven sales copywriting skills & excellent content writing skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or equivalent experience.
  • Experience driving marketing strategy, including product audience, positioning, & pricing.
  • Well-versed in conversion rate optimization best practices, including value proposition development, conversion funnel optimization, A/B testing, and multivariate testing.
  • Experience with conversion-focused email marketing campaigns. Knowledge with MailChimp/HubSpot is helpful, but not required.
  • Wants to work in an agile technology company where project phases are measured in hours or days, not weeks or months.
  • Expertise with Google Analytics required. Knowledge of other tools such as PowerBI is helpful.
  • Experience in tech and/or B2B marketing is a must.
  • Knowledge of SEO and PPC is a plus.
  • Numerically literate, comfortable working with numbers, making sense of metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets.
  • Hands on technical skills (HTML, WordPress, etc.) will be very helpful.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook).

Keys to Success:

  • Excellent sales copywriting skills.
  • Effective strategic thinking—able to find and prioritize opportunities to increase revenue from marketing campaigns.
  • Excellent execution skills—able to create effective copy/campaigns that drive results.
  • Strong interest and aptitude in technology.
  • Always present an energetic attitude that facilitates creative collaboration.
  • Stay up to date with marketing best practices and implementation.
  • A good sense of aesthetics (basic UX knowledge) and a love for great copy.
  • An entrepreneurial desire to be part of a growing team and company.
  • Takes great pride in the ownership of their work.

Compensation: TBD

Company Overview: Rapid Web Services, LLC is an emerging web-based technology company located right in the heart of beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, where we maintain multiple internet-based businesses, but are primarily focused on one e-commerce company (www.theSSLStore.in) that operates in the global website security and web hosting industry. The SSL Store™ and its other related websites are currently a global leader in the SSL certificate market that is always seeking fun, exciting and creative individuals that have the same aspirations as we do.

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