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DigiCert Acquires Symantec's CA—What's Next?

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As of October 31, 2017, DigiCert, Inc. has acquired Symantec Corporation's Certificate Authority business. This includes all assets related to Symantec's website security, SSL/TLS and PKI products. As the first phase of this transition, starting on December 1, 2017, DigiCert will be handling all certificate validation processes on behalf of Symantec.

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Powerful Combination

DigiCert + Symantec = Powerful Combination

This couldn't be better news for Symantec customers. Now, in addition to leveraging Symantec's brand power and premium product offerings, you'll also benefit from DigiCert's best-in-the-industry validation practices. Nobody issues business authentication SSL certificates faster than DigiCert.

Everyone wins when you combine the history, strength and security of Symantec with the speed and precision of DigiCert!

Reissue or Renew to Upgrade PKI

DigiCert has built one of the most trustworthy Public Key Infrastructures in the world. By beginning to issue off the DigiCert roots in December of 2017, Symantec's security offerings will grow even more valuable as they are backed by an upgraded PKI. Some customers may need to reissue their current certificate to instantly benefit from the optimized processes.

Key Replacement Dates

Key Renewal Dates
Eye Towards the Future

An Eye Towards the Future

With Symantec now powered by DigiCert, the industry's best and brightest are now combined and accelerating innovation in SSL/TLS, PKI and IoT security solutions. The future is bright for Symantec, DigiCert and their velocity brand holdings, partners, resellers, sub-resellers and customers.

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A Word from John Merrill, the new CEO

What to Expect with the New DigiCert: Welcoming
Symantec Customers, Partners & Employees

John Merrill

John Merrill

Chief Executive Officer

After much anticipation, I'm happy to share the news that we completed our acquisition of Symantec's Website Security and related PKI solutions, becoming the premier provider of SSL/TLS and PKI solutions. We enthusiastically welcome our new Symantec customers, partners, and employees.

Now that the deal is complete, our two organizations can start working to build an even greater security company together. We are committed to working through this acquisition the right way—making the transition seamless for customers and partners, integrating processes, and coordinating with browsers.

Since announcing the acquisition, DigiCert has actively engaged with the security community to explore paths that address browser concerns about Symantec-issued certificates while balancing the TLS implementations currently deployed. This plan is close to completion and will minimize impacts, allowing customers to continue securing their transactions.

Symantec-issued certificates impacted by the browser timelines will need to be replaced. These will be replaced at no cost at the appropriate time, and we'll work to ensure a smooth process. Many customers have already received information on certificate replacement, and more information will be forthcoming for affected parties.

What The SSL Store™ Customers Can Expect Moving Forward

First thing's first: Your SSL certificates will continue to function and you will not lose your Extended Validation status. There's a lot of misinformation out there, but we want to be clear about this: all Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust & RapidSSL Certificate products will maintain their functionality and validation level, though many of them may need to be re-issued and re-validated.

Fortunately, DigiCert is the industry leader in validation practices, having refined the Organization Validation process down to minutes and Extended Validation within mere hours. We will be in contact with you about any orders that will need to be re-issued. The process will be quick, smooth and will require minimum effort on your part.

For now, just continue to shop and order certificates from Symantec - and its family of brands: RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Thawte - just as you normally would. And be on the lookout for exciting new security offerings in the very near future.

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