DigiCert High Speed Validation

DigiCert High Speed Validation

The same certificates. The same validation. Just faster.

DigiCert has taken the exacting science of SSL validation and refined it into an art. What takes other Certificate Authorities days can be done within minutes by DigiCert. You don't want to have to wait for your SSL certificate to be issued and you don’t want to sacrifice on authentication, either. So don’t. Choose DigiCert.

The Fastest SSL Validation in the Industry

You can get a basic DV SSL certificate pretty quickly anywhere, but if you want business authentication other Certificate Authorities tell you to wait as long as 3-5 business days. Who has that kind of time? DigiCert can issue an Organization Validation certificate in minutes and EV SSL certificate in hours. Nobody else can even come close to that.

Validation Level DigiCert Other CAs
Domain Validation Instantly Instantly
Organization Validation Minutes 1-3 Business Days
Extended Validation Hours 1-5 Business Days

What Happens When DigiCert Validates Me?

DigiCert divides its Validation procedures into two categories:

Company Validation - There are several components to this process. DigiCert needs to verify that:

  • The Company is in good standing
  • The Company requesting the certificate is the one being issued the certificate

*Extended Validation requires additional steps during the Company Validation phase.

Domain Validation - DigiCert needs to confirm that the individual requesting the certificate is authorized to do so.

Why is DigiCert so Fast?

DigiCert has refined its workflows and practices to the point where validation can be accomplished as quickly as the information can be found. DigiCert queries corporate registries, fraud-, phishing-, and government-restricted entities and anti-terrorism databases to help conduct its validation. As soon as your information can be confirmed your certificate can be issued. This typically takes less than an hour.

Symantec Powered by DigiCert

In Fall of 2017 DigiCert and Symantec announced an acquisition that will see DigiCert lending its validation apparatus and PKI to Symantec’s already stellar lined up of security products. The result is a new industry juggernaut that will likely dominate this sector for decades to come. The SSL Store is proud that it’s status as a high-value partner with Symantec has translated into an exclusive invitation to the highest tier of the DigiCert Certified Partner Program: Platinum Elite. The SSL Store has never been more empowered to help find your business or organization the optimal security solution than it is as a Platinum Elite DigiCert Certified Partner.

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