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DigiCert Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)

Display your company logo in your email recipients’ inboxes + help fight email scammers

A Verified Mark Certificate, along with the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard, is a powerful new tool to protect email users, help brands, and fight email scammers:

Reinforce your brand and boost email open rates

Show your organization’s logo in the inbox next to your email subject line. Customers are more likely to open emails when they see your logo, which they recognize and trust.

Protect users from spoofed emails

By making authentic emails stand out with your company logo, you’re giving customers another way to distinguish legitimate emails from fake/scam emails.

Help fight email scammers

The BIMI standard relies on DMARC to verify that each email is an authentic email coming from the brand. This helps email providers separate genuine and fake emails, ensuring the fake emails are banished to the spam folder.

Display your logo with BIMI and a DigiCert Verified Mark Certificate

How BIMI and VMC Certificates Work

To display your logo in users’ inboxes, there are a few steps your organization will need to take to meet the BIMI requirements:

  • Authenticate your emails using SPF, DKIM and DMARC
  • DMARC enforcement should be set to quarantine or reject, with no sp=none or pct<100
  • Publish your logo according to the specifications (as a square SVG)
  • Acquire a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) from a participating CA (i.e. DigiCert) that validates your organization and logo
  • Publish a BIMI DNS record for your domain

For more details, see the BIMI Implementation Guide.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can expect your logo to be displayed in participating email clients. Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail are all testing/implementing support for BIMI and verified mark certificates.

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DigiCert Verified Mark Certificate Features & Benefits

  • Validates your organization and BIMI-compatible logo
  • Display your company logo in your recipient’s inbox
  • DigiCert is an approved CA by Google, Yahoo, and other BIMI-compatible email clients
  • Issued from DigiCert’s PKI and signed by the most trusted roots on the web
  • Only one certificate needed per sending domain


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