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Scalable Confidence & Integrity for Your Code

The last thing you need after investing hundreds of hours into developing code is for it to be intercepted and maliciously modified, destroying user trust and your reputation. Hackers love to get their malware on users' machines by hiding it in legitimate software programs that people already know and trust. Using code signing certificates assures your customers that they're installing the authentic, unaltered version of your software. Plus, it removes the "unknown publisher" warning message, making the installation process faster and easier.

Certificate Unknown Publisher

There was at least one large software attack reported every month in 2017.

Source: Symantec 2018 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR)

Maintain Trust, Maximize Confidence

Before downloading software, your employees and customers need proof it's really from you and hasn't been altered or infected. Code Signing Certificates accomplish all that and more using the same technology as SSL/TLS Certificates—a private and public key pair—to authenticate identity.

Code Signing Certificates help you:

  • Instantly Gain Customer Trust Instantly Gain Customer Trust
  • Increase Adoption Increase Adoption
  • Protect Your Brand Reputation Protect Your Brand Reputation
  • Confirm Code Integrity Confirm Code Integrity
  • Prevent Tampering Prevent Tampering
  • Maintain Compliance Maintain Compliance

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Go for the Green

Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates consistently earn you a thumbs up so you can sail through SmartScreen filters. And, timestamping permanently preserves your signature to avoid warnings and ensure continued usability.

Go for the Green

The Digital Certificate Dilemma

Trust is the foundation of your success and, no doubt, digital certificates of all kinds are the way to build and maintain confidence. But, managing thousands of certificates of all different types, including code signing, can be costly and frustrating.

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Code Signing Solutions that Keep You in Control

Procuring highly trusted Code Signing Certificates that communicate instant trust is only half the battle. When you're dealing with hundreds, or thousands, having an easy, efficient way to approve, issue, sign and manage them all is just as, if not more, important. Skip the hefty investment in hardware and software. Find efficiency at any scale with one of these well-oiled options.

Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA) Code Signing On-Demand

Simplify the security of one of your most important assets

  • Sign at the Speed of Business Get a faster, intuitive and highly secure way to digitally sign your software.
  • Build a Strong Chain of Trust Certificates are signed by Sectigo's military-grade PKI infrastructure for maximum confidence.
  • Simplify & Save Time Streamline workflows and upload a hash of your files instead of the entire file.
  • Gain Flexible Efficiency Choose from on-prem and cloud-based options to fit the way you work. Customize by integrating a Hardware Security Modules (HSM).
  • Manage with Ease Have visibility and be able to manage the entire lifecycle for all your Code Signing Certificates in the same convenient dashboard as all your other digital certificates.

DigiCert™ Secure App Service

Protect business integrity at scale

  • Gain Granular Visibility View all your code signing activity and know who signed what in one easy-to-use centralized dashboard.
  • Save Time An easy-to-use web portal makes it easy to manage code signing from anywhere. Can't upload complete files? No worries. Simply send a hash of your code.
  • Stay Compliant Move forward with confidence knowing your code signing keys are protected and all code signing is done using consistent predetermined standards.
  • Increase Control Easily track, report, and audit all code signing activity and keys. Use role-based access to control who can do what and enforce accountability.
  • Get Comprehensive Management Services Save time and minimize risk with role-based access, securing stored keys in a bullet-proof data center, full reporting and more.
  • Easily Integrate Access APIs that let you integrate with on-premise systems and workflows to streamline your internal processes.

The SSL Store™ Control Panel

Simplify code signing and more at no additional cost

  • Keep Costs on Track Easily manage your budget with a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Take Control Never miss another renewal. Stay ahead of code-signing certificate lapses before they cause expensive outages.
  • Simplify Manage your code-signing certificates along with all your other digital certificates across your entire landscape. Upload and oversee all your purchases from one centralized dashboard.
  • Boost Efficiency Save IT resource hours, delegate admin through sub-user roles and get priority validation through your dedicated Account Manager.
  • Easily Scale Buy and manage an unlimited number of certs as you grow.
  • Customize Use our REST API to suit your specific needs, so your solution fits like a glove.

Get code and brand protection without the complexity.

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