Full Lifecycle Management for IoT Device Identity

Compare the top IoT certificate management platforms with a PKI broker

Certificate-based authentication is widely regarded as the best practice for identifying and authenticating IoT devices. But it’s not a simple task to manage the private CA and certificate lifecycles for thousands or even millions of devices. That’s why many companies choose an IoT PKI platform to manage their private CA and device certificates.

Not sure which IoT platform will be the best fit for your needs, processes, and tech stack? That’s where The SSL Store can help you. As a PKI broker, we help you accurately compare PKI platforms (both the good points and the weaknesses) to help you choose the solution that best fits your specific needs.


Compare the Top PKI Platforms for IoT

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Digital Certificates Play a Huge Role in IoT Security

X.509 digital security certificates and IoT connected devices have a lot in common. Managing them is tough. Thankfully, we now have streamlined IoT platforms available to provision, issue, renew, revoke and control millions of IoT device certificates from one place. Here's how digital certificates can help you tackle IoT with confidence:

  • Instantly Gain Customer Trust Encryption

    IoT Device Certificates encrypt data in transit and protect the information communicated between systems, users and device.

  • Increase Adoption Authentication

    IoT Device Certificates verify
    identity, ensure only trusted
    devices can connect and
    authenticate messages.

  • Protect Your Brand Reputation Integrity

    IoT Device Certificates make
    sure any messages or data
    transferred to and from "things" are not tampered with or altered.

No Doubt a Bot It—IoT Device Security Is Serious Business

Unsecured IoT devices are a wide-open door for hackers to infiltrate your network and launch attacks. All it takes is one vulnerable IoT device for a hacker to gain a foothold.

Mirai Bot

Mirai Bot

Remember the Mirai bot that infected 2.5 million
devices by the end of 2016?

Learn How It Exploited IoT Devices

Reaper Bot

Reaper Bot

Building on Mirai's code, the even more destructive Reaper bot affected
more than a million organizations as of the end of 2017.

Learn How It Feeds on IoT Device Flaws

Digital Certificates & PKI—The Dynamic Duo for IoT

Gartner, IEEE and other industry groups tout Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a leading choice for information and communication security. Here's why:

  • PKI enables safe authentication of users, systems, and devices without the need for tokens, password policies, or other cumbersome user-initiated factors. Usernames, passwords and other static identities are easily exploited by hackers.
  • PKI certificates are cryptographic identifiers that can be renewed by a defined policy, revoked as necessary and replaced without costly manual intervention.
  • PKI is a core component of data confidentiality, information integrity, authentication, and data access control. It's the foundation required to secure the communication between IoT devices and platforms.
  • PKI has the capability to address the security needs of at-rest and in-transit data.
  • PKI certificates authenticate devices, encrypt confidential data and maintain data and system integrity to establish online trust and reliable security.
  • While every IoT device varies in its utilization and implementation, PKI offers flexible deployment options that cater to the critical authentication and encryption capabilities of unique devices.
  • PKI certificates are evidence that the identity of organizations, domains and devices was properly established because they cryptographically bind public keys to these identities.

of U.S. companies using IoT have suffered security
breaches costing as much as tens of millions of dollars.

Source: ForeScout & Forrester

Let's talk about how to protect your IoT infrastructure.

Ten "Things" That Make IoT Security So Challenging

  • 1

    Devices are coming to market with weak or zero security pre-installed

  • 2

    Lack of security makes them easy to compromise and roll into giant

  • 3

    One and done authentication certificates aren't effective and can be difficult to manage

  • 4

    Managing hundreds of thousands or millions of devices and certificates is a struggle

  • 5

    Digital certificates issued from a PKI are most effective for securing things, but can be difficult to implement and manage without knowledgeable in-house resources

  • 6

    Traditional PKI solutions take a long time to implement, require many hours of professional services and come with a hefty price tag

  • 7

    Maintaining a solid security platform across devices and services is costly and opens you up to huge risk

  • 8

    Data is vulnerable and must be protected during its journey to ensure data integrity, personal privacy and regulatory compliance

  • 9

    Without proper security, you're exposing your customers and organization to rogue, infected and malicious devices

  • 10

    Revocation for IoT is a whole different thing, especially when human life may depend on a device functioning properly


of organizations wouldn't be able to identify
all the devices connected to their network, if audited.

Source: ForeScout & Forrester

The Anatomy of Effective IoT Security

The overall goal of any IoT security solution should be to build an ecosystem of trust from your
devices to your network, infrastructure, customers and partners. You get there through:

  • Confidentiality Confidentiality

    Restricting information access to authorized users and encrypting transmissions to ensure privacy and prevent unauthorized access

  • Availability Availability

    Controlling access to ensure hardware, apps and systems are properly accessible to authorized persons and performing intended functions

  • Integrity Integrity

    Encrypting connections
    to prevent tampering
    and ensure data remains
    consistent and accurate

IoT Security Solutions Need to Be:

  • Customizable Customizable

    To accommodate any
    type of device

  • Scalable Scalable

    To manage high volumes of certs effectively

  • Cost-effective Cost-effective

    To enable
    high-volume orders

IoT Device Certificate Options from Globally Trusted Brands

Build and maintain an ecosystem of trust with one of these proven IoT security solutions for X.509 device certificates.

DigiCert IoT Device Manager

Full lifecycle identity for all of your IoT devices

  • Simplify Certificate & Identity Management Easily manage the certificate lifecycle (from provisioning to renewal and revocation) for millions of IoT certificates in one place.
  • Automate High-Volume Issuance & Deployment Issue certs at the speed and scale of IoT with one-time pre-verification. Save even more time by automating management tasks using REST API, SCEP, CMPv2, or EST.
  • Access 24/7 Award-Winning Support Why wait for help? DigiCert experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you'll get fast answers and guidance at any stage.
  • Choose Your Deployment Option Fit your specific IoT deployment requirements with multiple deployment options—DigiCert hosted, on-premise, private cloud, in-country, or wherever you need.
  • Customize to Fit Your Needs Use the default certificate profiles and workflows to get started quickly, or customize anything you need to precisely to meet your needs and existing processes.
  • Gain Always-on PKI Expertise From compliance reviews to on-site training, you'll have ready access to PKI experts who'll make sure you meet the unique needs of your ever-changing IoT landscape.

Sectigo IoT Security & identity Platform

End-to-end security for industries of all sizes

  • Be Quick to Market and Secure Get a next-gen cloud-based IoT solution that protects your brand, products and customers. The user-friendly PKI means you never have to choose between speed and security.
  • Instill End-to-End Trust Seamlessly cross siloed trust barriers Securely extend trust to multiple third parties within a supply chain, as well as to end customers, enabling increased revenue generation.
  • Get Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way From speedy implementation of cloud-based PKI and certificate profiles to true (Hardware Security Module) HSM provisioning and management for next-gen PKI apps, you'll have experts ready to help.
  • Automatically Secure the Entire Lifecycle PKI management through a convenient cloud-based portal makes it easy to manage the complete lifecycle from issuance through renewal. Easily change out a certificate at any time.
  • Solve Aftermarket Issues with Ease Leverage our strategic partnership with Device Authority to tackle unique requirements for ordering, provisioning, rotation, tracking and more.
  • Provision at Scale Strategic partnerships enable high-scale device provisioning from Comodo's root of trust. Gain the flexibility to do high-speed batch and on-demand issuance—5,000 certificates per second.

Securing your connected devices is simply smart business.

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