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A typical organization will experience 3.1 outages because of certificate mismanagement in a 24-month span. Mistakes can lead to dissatisfied users, brand damage, lost revenue, and fines. Implementing a centralized certificate management solution is the key to avoiding these issues, but choosing the right platform is critical—it needs to integrate seamlessly with all of your existing systems and processes (or it’ll cause more problems than it solves!)

As a PKI broker, The SSL Store™ is uniquely positioned to help you pick the best certificate management tool for your needs. We’ll tell you the strengths AND weaknesses of your options—without endless sales calls.

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Business Impact of Inefficient Certificate Management

  • Unable to Maximize Bulk Savings Unable to Maximize
    Bulk Savings
  • Labor Hours Spiral Out of Control Labor Hours Spiral
    Out of Control
  • Unplanned Expirations Disrupt Revenue Unplanned Expirations
    Disrupt Revenue
  • No Time for Strategic Projects No Time for
    Strategic Projects
  • Slows Down Revenue Generation Slows Down Revenue
  • Blind Spots Open the Door for Cybercrime Blind Spots Open the
    Door for Cybercrime

Only 34% of organizations manage their keys and certificates centrally.

Source: Dimensional Research

It's Impossible to Manage the Unknown

Manual SSL processes and rogue purchasing drive up costs and cause fire drills that turn into expensive, even catastrophic, outages. Visibility is the first step to any effective security posture. As the velocity of domains, apps, devices and certificate usage continues to ramp up—you need a better, scalable way to manage it all. And it’s only going to get harder as your digital transformation expands to cloud, mobile and IoT initiatives. Our SSL certificate management solutions include automatic discovery and inventory control for maximum visibility to always know who, what, where and when.

If the answers to these critical questions aren't at your fingertips, we need to talk.

  • 1

    How many certificates do I have? Am I 100% confident?

  • 2

    Where are my certificates being used? Who issued them?

  • 3

    How can I make sure we're getting the best price for my consumption

  • 4

    Which certificates are set to expire and to which asset do they belong?

  • 5

    Are all certificates installed correctly? Where am I vulnerable?

  • 6

    How do I efficiently issue, deploy and renew thousands of certificates, all expiring at different times?

  • 7

    How can I enforce standards that align with our industry requirements and business goals?

  • 8

    How can I safely delegate certificate responsibilities and assign specific permissions by user, department or business unit?

  • 9

    How do I seamlessly manage our public and private SSL certificates together?

  • 10

    How can I quickly run reports for compliance audits and stay sane?

Are you prepared to manage the digital certificate explosion?

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of organizations have suffered at least one certificate-related outage in the past year.

Source: Venafi


Source: Ponemon Institute

Centralized Management of All Digital Security Certificate Types

  • OV Certificates

    Organization Validation
    SSL Certificate (OV)

  • EV Certificates

    Extended Validation SSL
    Certificate (EV)

  • Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

    SSL Certificates

  • EV Multi-Domain

    EV Multi-Domain
    SSL Certificates

  • Wildcard

    SSL Certificates

  • Client Certificates


  • Code Signing

    Code Signing & EV Code
    Signing Certificates

  • Document Signing

    Document Signing

  • Dedicated Root

    Dedicated Root

  • Custom Profiles

    Custom Profiles

Live the Good Life—Simplify Certificate Lifecycle Management

  • Issuance & Discovery Issuance & Discovery

    Know how many certificates you have, where they are and when they expire. Quickly issue new certificates while controlling who can issue them and which types.

  • Analyze & Mitigate Risk Analyze & Mitigate Risk

    Proactively identify misconfigured, weak, untrusted and expired certificates, so you can easily resolve vulnerabilities.

  • Manage & Monitor Manage & Monitor

    Efficiently issue, install and renew SSL certificates while ensuring they all meet company standards and compliance requirements.

  • Automate Renewals Automate Renewals

    Plan ahead to renew SSL certificates on time and eliminate unplanned outages.

Automating certificate management can reduce management time by up to 60%.

Source: Gartner

The Upside of Automation

Automating certificate lifecycle events delivers several important benefits:

  • Issuance & Discovery Get
    Instant Savings

    with centralized purchasing that maximizes volume discounts

  • Analyze & Mitigate Risk Gain
    Real-time Visibility

    with automatic discovery across your entire landscape

  • Manage & Monitor Lower
    Operating Costs

    with efficient discovery, issuance, installation, renewals & revocation

  • Automate Renewals Eliminate
    Unplanned Outages

    with automated alerts & renewal notifications

  • Issuance & Discovery Reduce
    IT Risk

    with easily defined, enforceable standards & user roles

  • Analyze & Mitigate Risk Speed Up
    and Simplify

    with end-to-end lifecycle automation, including centralized pre-vetting

  • Manage & Monitor Future-proof
    Your Security

    with a scalable solution for all apps, devices, users

  • Automate Renewals Conquer

    with enforceable standards & accurate, timely reporting

You Have Options

Lighten your load with one of our SSL certificate management solutions.
The sooner the better. And, we'll advise you on which best fits the way you work.

DigiCert CertCentral®

One scalable software suite for all your SSL tasks

  • Always Renew on Time Avoid unplanned outages with automatic notifications that alert you when a certificate is due to expire and how you can renew it.
  • Control Access Define and automatically enforce who can request, order and approve certificates, plus add custom order fields.
  • Integrate Private SSL Certificates Seamlessly manage private and public certificates from a single interface, saving time and money.
  • Proactively Resolve Vulnerabilities Easily scan, identify and remediate weaknesses, such as missing fields, internal names, outdated algorithms or weak cypher suites.
  • Get Complete at-a-glance Visibility Keep a handle on all your certificates, regardless of which CA issued them, where they're installed and if they're functioning correctly.

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM)

Easily manage the entire lifecycle for high volumes of digital certificates

  • Get End-to-End Efficiency Simplify and speed up enrollment, approval, issuance, renewal and revocation of all your digital certificates through one cloud-based portal.
  • Leave No Certificate Behind Get a low-cost way to discover, issue and manage all your public and private intranet certs across your entire environment regardless of the CA.
  • Mitigate Risks Access tools, guides and support to help you enforce industry compliance standards and corporate policies. Proactive alerts let you quickly spot and resolve threats.
  • Reduce Operational Costs Spend less time manually issuing, deploying and tracking digital certificates with streamlined processes that lower your total cost of ownership.
  • Easily Delegate and Customize Distribute tasks with easy-to-assign roles and privileges that match your structure and workflows.
  • Future-proof Security Get APIs and integration options that make it easy to provision and issue certificates to users or devices anywhere. Instantly scale up or down as your needs change.

Key Manager Plus

A one-stop solution for SSH keys and SSL certificate management

  • Breeze Through Compliance Audits Automatically implement policies that support SOX, FISMA, PCI & HIPAA and quickly run reports that detail usage, vulnerabilities, expirations & more.
  • Manage All Your Certificates From Any Source Always know how many SSH keys you have & where they're at, including Microsoft Certificate Store & Active Directory certificates, even self-signed, with all your other certificates.
  • Save Time While Improving Security Get instant answers on virtually everything with the built-in lookup tool. Automatically create new key pairs, deploy & renew certificates & more.
  • Speed Up Deployment & Save Buy all your preferred certificates at bulk volume
    pricing and easily roll out new certificates fast & ensure
    proper configuration.
  • Enable Security at Scale Automatically import users & groups from Microsoft Active Directory to easily manage all your public & private keys and certificates as you grow.
  • Stay Ahead of Costly Disruptions See vulnerabilities & expirations at a glance and periodically rotate keys to avoid misuse & minimize risk.

The SSL Store™ Venafi Driver

Certificate management powered by The SSL Store™

  • Get Instant Enterprise-wide Visibility Quickly and accurately inventory all internal and external certifications regardless of CA with cloud-based agentless scanning.
  • Customize & Streamline Crucial Processes Define your own workflows and change SSL certificate management controls.
  • Minimize Exposure & Risk Automatically correct vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and CA errors while staying organized and compliant.
  • Gain End-to-End Efficiency Easily manage certificate lifecycles across all the leading CAs, including purchase, installation, renewal, revocation and bulk remediation.
  • Optimize Resources Save money through improved efficiency while recovering data storage space.
  • Stay Ahead of Threats Get proactive notifications of rogue certificates and upcoming expirations.

The SSL Store™ Control Panel

Simplify SSL administration at no additional cost

  • Simplify Choose from all the industry leading brands, manage your entire landscape, and upload and oversee all your purchases from one centralized dashboard.
  • Enjoy Instant Savings Slash upfront costs on all digital certificates, even more when you buy in bulk. Fits all budgets.
  • Take Control Never miss another renewal. Stay ahead of lapses before they cause expensive outages.
  • Boost Efficiency Save IT resource hours, delegate admin through sub-user roles and get priority validation through your dedicated Account Manager.
  • Customize Use our REST API to suit your specific needs, so your solution fits like a glove.
  • Easily Scale Buy and manage an unlimited number of certs as you grow.
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