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The Powerful Identity
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EV Certificates Build
Trust & Boost Sales

Give online customers the confidence they need to do business with you

Would you do business with somebody you don't trust? Of course not. Think about it - trust is the most important component of any business. And, as more and more businesses move online, trust can become harder and harder to establish. After all, without a face or name to associate with a company, you need other ways to assure online visitors that you're safe to do business with. The answer? EV SSL certificates.

EV stands for Extended Validation, and these certificates are the best solution when it comes to establishing trust online. Extended Validation means that the Certificate Authority must first conduct a thorough background check before issuing the certificate. This thorough background check ensures the existence and legitimacy of your business. Once you pass the validation process, the EV certificate is typically issued within 1-5 business days. Then you can start reaping all the benefits that EV offers


Verified Identity – The Ultimate Sign of Trust

This is the most important feature that EV certificates offer to businesses. Websites equipped with an EV certificate get their verified company name displayed in all major browsers. Internet Explorer uses a green bar to represent a verified site, while Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and others display your verified company name after a user clicks the padlock icon in the address bar. It's always there to build trust, no matter what.

It's like a passport for your website. You don't wear it on your sleeve, but it's always there in case someone needs to verify you. And when we're talking about situations where people need to enter their sensitive personal information – like when making a purchase online – they want to know that they're dealing with a safe, trusted company.

This same identity verification feature is being utilized by some of the largest and most trusted sites on the web like Twitter, Amazon, and Google. Don't you want your brand to be associated with names like that? The only way to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind trust indicator is by installing an EV certificate on your website.

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The Benefits of EV Don't End There

EV certificates offer a number of other features in addition to the verified identity indicators

  • The highest level of encryption
  • Free daily malware scans with certain EV certificates
  • Free vulnerability assessments along with actionable reports on certain EV certificates
  • Free site seals that further build trust and confirm the safety of your site
  • Wildcard & Multi-Domain options give you the versatility of protecting all of your domains and subdomains
  • 24/7 technical support, something that free certificates don’t offer
  • 99.9% browser compatibility
  • And many more

With the ability to add trust to your website, along with many other security features, EV certificate are simply the premier option when it comes to earning and maintaining credibility online. By increasing sales and conversions, they are the best type of SSL certificate for getting a return on your investment. Rather than simply being a cost to your business, they can be an asset – a tool that never stops working for you, earning the trust of online visitors and giving them the assurance they need to do business with your company.

So, if you're ready to harness the power of identity verification, please check out our list of EV certificate by clicking right here. We offer our EV certificates at much lower rates than you would get from buying direct – but you still get all the same features and benefits. Or, if you would like more information about EV, or our company in general, please feel free to call us at 727.388.4240 or send us an email at [email protected].

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