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The SSL Store™ is GDPR Compliant

Let's talk about what our GDPR compliance means to you

Compliance. Regulations. GDPR. These aren't fun words, but at The SSL Store™ we aren't scared of them. That's because we have nothing to hide! We are happy to comply with the GDPR and all other like-minded regulation aimed at ensuring transparency, data rights and security for consumers. After all, we sell a data security product. It only makes sense we'd be on board.


Let us show you how we're complying with GDPR and what it means to you.

At The SSL Store™ you are in control of your data

Let's keep this simple. At every point on our website where we collect your personal data, we provide a notification that tells you what we'll use it for. That way there's no mystery about what we're doing. Over the course of using our website, we may collect:

  • First and Last Name First and Last Name
  • Email Address Email Address
  • Physical Address Physical Address
  • Payment Card Data Payment Card Data

Again, whenever we collect the data, we let you know it. If you'd like to know more have a look at our Privacy Policy.

What does The SSL Store™ use my data for?

We use your data to run our SSL service. Generally, that means processing the data you provide so that you may be issued a digital certificate (SSL, Code Signing, Email Signing, etc.) by one of our partners. In addition to transactional use, we also send you emails from time to time reminding you of expiration dates and marketing similar products that may be of use to you.

  • Selling Web Security Solutions Selling Web Security Solutions
  • Marketing Activities Communucation Marketing Activities Communucation
  • A Do Not Share Policy A Do Not Share Policy

We're careful who we share your data with

Due to the nature of the SSL industry, and running an e-commerce operation in general, we do share some information with various partners. For instance, we have relationships with Certificate Authorities like Comodo and DigiCert, that issue digital certificates. We use various vendors to help with the provision of customer support and in facilitating our reseller program. And of course we have analytics partners that help us improve our site experience.

All our partners have been thoroughly vetted for GDPR and, where necessary, Privacy Shield compliance. We have specifically worded Data Processing Addendums with all of them. These DPAs ensure that our partners will only ever process shared data on our behalf, and for the intended purposes. That's basically a fancy way of saying you don't have to worry about them. They're cool.

All Partners

Need a Data Processing Addendum? We have a template right here.

You have rights over your information

One of the most important aspects of GDPR is ensuring data subjects (that's you) have certain rights over their personal data. If, for any reason, you ever want to modify or delete the personal data we have collected about you, simply email us or contact customer support and we will work to honor your request as soon as possible. Additionally, we will reach out to any partners we may have shared your information with to ensure that they delete or modify it as well.


This is sometimes referred to as your "Right to be Forgotten".

We are EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield certified

Privacy Shield

We are in the US, outside the jurisdiction of the EU. To satisfy GDPR requirements with regard to cross-border data transfers, we have self-certified with the ITA, a division of the US Department of Commerce, as being Privacy Shield compliant. This means we have demonstrated "adequate" data security and can receive personal data on European citizens.

What is securing my data?

The SSL Store™ has a number of technical safeguards in place to ensure data security and integrity. We are, after all, an SSL service, so let's start with that. All data transmitted here, on, and across other Rapid Web Services, LLC digital properties, are protected with Transport Layer Security, which encrypts all data in transit.

Securing My Data

We also make use of encryption when data is at rest. All of the information you provide is encrypted into our servers where it is only accessible by authorized parties that are legally bound to keep it confidential. Any cross-border data transfers are only completed with Privacy Shield-certified partners over encrypted channels.

I want to modify or delete my data

No problem! Just fill out this form and we will use the name and email address you supply to contact you.

Your name will be used to modify or delete your data.
Your eamil address will be used to modify or delete your data.

Learn more about our privacy policy.