Harald Schoonbeek

Sales Manager Europe

Harald SchoonbeekHarald's education and early days in the insurance, hardware and trade industries lit a fire under him to look for ways to improve efficiency through automation. Consultancy was a perfect fit to harness his love of travel and experiencing different cultures. Harald trained abroad, venturing to deserted areas, relying on strangers he gladly calls friends to this day. Great results are the natural by-product of his positive attitude, innate ability to motivate others and willingness to serve. Speaking of service, Harald's shown off his technical and marketing skills as a Groupware engineer/consultant in the Netherlands and London, as well as an ICT/business consultant focused on re-designing world-bank projects, information security and business continuity in the Netherlands and abroad. The past few years, he’s focused largely on service and product management where he's skillfully combined consultancy, sales engineering and marketing management. Some say Harald's real occupation is a bridge builder after witnessing his holistic approach and passion for bringing people and technology together in a win-win solution.

When Harald's not aligning customers with first-rate solutions, he's most likely following his passions on the soccer field, traveling abroad, relaxing in nature, diving into do-it-yourself projects to renovate his living space or supporting fundraising for orphans or animals.