Rylan Lambertsen

Front-End Developer

Rylan Lambertsen Rylan Lambertsen is The SSL Store's Front-end Developer, he is the bridge between our end users and the products we sell. Rylan translates high-fidelity mock-ups into the clickable web pages our customers so enjoy. Rylan has always been into computers, but he cites his first touch-screen phone as the spark that made him want to build websites. "I knew then that the web was going mobile and I wanted to be a part of it," he said. Rylan is an expert at taking complicated concepts and turning them into the websites people have idealized in their minds. He's always there to lend his expertise and guide the project to where it needs to be. In his free time Rylan is a devoted father, he wants the best for his daughter and he works his tail off to give it to her.

When he's not doting on her, Rylan is a self-avowed gearhead. He loves being in his garage, working on his motorcycle and truck and just making a mess in general. Sometimes he even cleans it up. Other times we have to wipe transmission fluid off of his keyboard. It's kind of a toss-up.