Basic Encryption SSL Certificates

No frills, no hoops to jump through, just basic encryption

Plenty of websites don't need an expensive SSL certificate with all the bells and whistles—you just need encryption. After all, you're only looking to get your website marked "Secure." Things like business authentication and multi-million dollar warranties don't appeal to you. Here is a curated selection of our Domain Validation SSL certificates. These are cheap. Can be issued in minutes. And they provide powerful encryption that can't be cracked.

Basic Encryption
DV SSL Certificates

Fast & Affordable Domain Validated SSL

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PositiveSSL (DV)

₹ 441.20/yr.

₹ 18,794.00



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RapidSSL Certificate

₹ 704.92/yr.

₹ 18,485.50



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GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

₹ 2,948.00/yr.

₹ 39,677.00



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Thawte SSL123

₹ 2,244.92/yr.

₹ 43,895.50



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Thawte SSL123 DV (FLEX)

₹ 4,589.20/yr.

₹ 29,829.80



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EssentialSSL (DV)

₹ 1,175.20/yr.

₹ 16,510.00



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GeoTrust DV SSL (FLEX)

₹ 4,780.42/yr.

₹ 28,682.50



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SSL Doesn't Have to be Complicated

SSL is Easy to Acquire

With Domain Validation SSL certificates, you're simply asked to prove ownership over your domain. This can be done in one of three ways:

1 Email-based authentication Verifying with Email-based authentication
2 Text-based authentication Uploading a provided text file to your directory
3 cName Authentication Adding a hash value to your cNAME directory

This can be done with minimal effort and you'll have your certificate in just minutes. After all, you want to get this resolved today—not tomorrow or next week.

Easy to Install

SSL is Easy to Install

Installing your SSL certificate is easy. Simply follow one of our easy-to-read guides. Or, if you just don't feel like bothering with it we can install your SSL certificate for you.

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Powerful Encryption Strength

You may be saving money on your SSL certificate, but that doesn't mean your encryption strength is cheap. DV SSL certificates provide powerful encryption that meets or exceeds all industry standards. It would take a supercomputer hundreds of years to crack your encryption.

Powerful Encryption Strength
Eye Towards the Future

Get your website marked "Secure"

Let's be honest, security aside, the biggest reason you want SSL is so that your website will be marked "Secure." That's nothing to be ashamed of. Each one of our DV SSL certificates will activate the "Secure" indicator in addition to securing your communications.

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Web Security Made Simple.

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