Business Authentication SSL Certificates

Secure your website and provide verified proof of identity

SSL certificates can do more than just encrypt your website's communication and activate the "Secure" indicator. They can provide definitive proof of identity, too. In fact, the right SSL certificate can even boost sales. For any company or organization that needs to build trust online, business authentication is the way to go.

Business Authentication SSL
OV Lock

Business Assurance Validated SSL

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GeoTrust True BusinessID

₹ 3,545.88/yr.

₹ 62,304.75


Domain + Basic Business

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Thawte SSL Web Server

₹ 4,377.13/yr.

₹ 57,317.25


Domain + Basic Business

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GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV

₹ 7,702.13/yr.

₹ 79,367.25


Domain + Full Business

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Comodo EV SSL

₹ 7,999.20/yr.

₹ 85,724.00


Domain + Full Business

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Showcase your Identity

Two Authentication Levels

You have a choice to make. You can go with an Organization Validated SSL certificate, which will provide verified proof of identity whenever a visitor clicks your site seal or inspects your certificate details. Or you can spring for Extended Validation, which displays your organization's name in green font next to the URL—this is sometimes called the green address bar.

Two Authentication Levels
Business Authentication

What is Business Authentication?

When you purchase a business authentication SSL certificate you'll be required to undergo organizational vetting. This ensures that your business is legally registered and operating in good faith. While the process can take a few days, the results are well worth it.

Make a Statement About your Brand

The Green Address Bar does more than just showcase your identity. It makes a statement. It aligns you with some of the biggest, most respected brands in the world. You're not just another website, the green address bar says you're somebody!

Brand Statement
Powerful Encryption Strength

Powerful Encryption Strength

Business Authentication SSL certificates don't slouch when it comes to the security they provide. All of our SSL certificates met or exceed industry standards, using RSA or ECC encryption algorithms and SHA-2 for hashing. It would take a supercomputer hundreds of years to crack your encryption.

Web Security Made Simple.

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