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Protect your website against hackers with Sectigo Web Security solutions

Did you know that almost 90% of websites have significant vulnerabilities hackers can use to crash the site, steal data, and frighten away customers?

  • 46%

    of websites have a high risk vulnerability right now Acunetix's Web Application Vulnerability Report 2019

  • 57,816

    Sites are compromised by formjacking alone each year Symantec's ISTR 2019 report

  • 75%

    of network breaches are due to website security issues Positive Technologies 2019 Report on Vulnerabilities

The rising threat of website hacking is why we'’'re so pleased to offer Sectigo Web Security solutions to protect your website. With the right tools in place, you can be protected against the malicious actors scanning the internet constantly looking for sites to hack into.

Sectigo Web Security Solutions

Sectigo web security offerings cover four critical components to keep your website secure:

Sectigo Web Security: SSL Certificates

Keep your customers' data protected with HTTPS encryption, while also highlighting your verified company identity. Show users they can trust you with the most visible website security solution available – SSL/HTTPS.

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Sectigo Web Security: Website Backup

Managing websites sometimes feels like feeding spaghetti to a toddler – sometimes accidents happen! When something goes wrong, you need to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why CodeGuard is a critical component of Sectigo Web Security solutions. With automatic backups, malware scanning, and one-click restore, CodeGuard Backup helps you fix website problems in minutes.

Sectigo Web Security: PCI Vulnerability Scanning

If you process credit card payments online, you need this Sectigo Web Security offering: HackerGuardian PCI compliance scanning. HackerGuardian scans your website checking for thousands of known vulnerabilities and security issues, helping you get and maintain PCI compliance the easy way.

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Sectigo Web Security: Malware Scanning

If a hacker does breach your website, you need to be able to identify and remove their malicious code as quickly as possible. But hackers don’t make that easy – they like to hide their code where you won’t easily find it. (It’s like an evil game of hide and seek!) That’s why CodeGuard MalwareGone is a critical part of Sectigo Web Security offerings – in addition to automatic backups, CodeGuard scans your website files and database daily to alert you of any unwanted code.

Don't Become a Statistic!

Don't wait until hackers breach your website—use Sectigo Web Security to pro-actively protect your website before a problem appears.

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