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SSL Certificate Installation Guideline for IIS 4

A Complete Guideline to Install SSL Certificate on IIS 4 Web Server

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How to Install the Primary Server Certificate File using Key Manager

Step 1 – To start with, download the Root, Intermediate & Primary certificate files from the customer account with your Certificate Authority (CA)

Step 2 – Next, go to 'Key Manager'

Step 3 – Click on the key in the 'www' directory (normally a broken key icon with a line) to install the new 'IIS Primary SSL Server' certificate. Next, select 'Install Key Certificate'

Step 4 – Enter your password

Step 5 – Add the IP and the Port Number on being prompted. If you do not have any other IIS SSL certificates installed on the web server, 'Any Assigned' is acceptable.

Please Note: If multiple certificates are installed on the same web server, separate IP addresses will be required for each certificate (unless SNI is enabled) because SSL does not support host headers.

Step 6 – Select 'Commit Changes' from the Computers menu or select 'Yes' after closing the Key Manager, when prompted to commit changes

Step 7 – With this step, your new IIS Primary SSL Server certificate is installed successfully

Step 8 – It is very important for the users to back up the key in the 'Key Manager'. This can be performed by clicking on Menu > Export > Backup File

Note: Before your browsers automatically trust the SSL certificate, you must ensure the ‘Intermediate’ certificate is properly installed on the same server.

How to Install Intermediate Certificate File?

After installing your 'Primary Server Certificate', restart your machine running IIS 4 and complete the following steps based on the Service Pack you have implemented on your computer.

Service Pack 3

Step 1 – Open each 'Intermediate' & 'Root' certificate on your Internet Explorer and click 'Install Certificate'.

Step 2 – Use this 'IIS CA' batch file later to transfer all root certificate from your Internet Explorer to the 'IIS Certificate' store.

Service Pack 4 or Later

Step 1 – Double-click on root certificate (trustedroot.crt) and open the installation wizard

Step 2 – Select 'Place all certificates in the following store'

Step 3 – Choose ‘Show physical stores' and 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities'. Next, click on 'Local Computer' > OK > Next > Finish

Step 4 – Follow the same steps for intermediate certificate (CA.crt), but make sure you carefully place it in the store for 'Intermediate Certification Authorities' instead.

Step 5 – Now re-start the whole server. Users should remember that restarting just IIS will not update the SSL certificate.

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