Final Verification Call

The Final Verification call is the last requirement for an Organization Validated SSL certificate. It's simple, the Certificate Authority (CA) will call the telephone number associated with your organization to verify the details of the order.

What is the Final Verification Call?

To finish the Organization Validation process and issue your SSL certificate, the Certificate Authority will need to call and speak with you or your specified applicant (your site admin) via your organization's verified telephone number in order to confirm the details of your order.

This really is as simple as it sounds. Just make sure you (or your site admin) are available to pick up the phone and answer the questions. They're not hard questions, either. Just generally things like, "did you order this?" or "what is the name of your company?" Simple. And it takes less than five minutes.

Now, if the listed telephone number doesn't ring directly to your desk – as does sometimes happen – do not worry. The CA will attempt to contact you a couple of different ways.

Alternative Methods

  • Extension or IVR – If your phone system uses extensions or Interactive Voice Response (IVR), then the CA will work through the phone system to connect to you. So as long as your extension is listed (or you have provided it) or your phone can be reached by the IVR, you'll be alright.
  • Transfer or Alternative Number – If you don't have an extension or IVR, the CA can also have the receptionist (or whoever answers your phones) transfer them or provide them with your direct number.

From there, just answer the CA's questions (like we said, they're not trying to trick you with anything too challenging) and you'll have satisfied the final requirement.

Now all that's left is for the CA to issue you the SSL certificate.