EV for ME™ Program

Just Our Little Way of Giving Back

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind program that’s only offered to approved resellers of The SSL Store™. The EV for Me™ Program gives our resellers a chance to get one Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for their own website.
Reseller Signup

There are 3 options for our resellers to choose from in order to get their very own GeoTrust® TrueBusiness ID with EV certificate through the EV for ME™ program.

OPTION 1: Get the EV for FREE (Recommended)

This is very simple, as all a reseller has to do is insert provided content about SSL and the benefits of purchasing EV certificates onto their website. Once this option is selected, a reseller receives the pre-written content via email. Even better, if an approved reseller already has SSL content on their site, they may automatically qualify right away!

OPTION 2: Get the EV for $99

If a reseller is not in the position to take advantage of Option 1, we still want them to get an EV for their own website. So, for a mere $99, we will be able to get you your own EV certificate for one year. That is 80% OFF of our already discounted retail price.

OPTION 3: Get the EV Multi-Domain for $189

Don’t want to do Option 1 or have an immediate need for securing multiple domains with the trusted green bar? Well look no further, we can offer you a 1 year EV Multi-Domain with 4 additional SANs for the discounted rate of $189.00. If you need additional domains/SANs, the discounted price will be $26.00/each! That’s nearly 60% OFF our retail pricing.

So, which option sounds more appealing to you? To take part in our EV for ME™ program today, simply sign-up for your FREE reseller account by clicking here.

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