John Tuncer


John Tuncer

He's never played it safe. From two years spent in the Turkish army, growing sales for a manufacturing company from $100K to $2M, building a chain of jewelry stores and starting a jewelry import business, turning ideas into gold is just a day at the office for this trailblazer.

In 1995 John started building websites for the gem industry and pioneered the use of banner exchange on eBay to generate massive traffic. Moving into web development, he founded Tuncer and Tuncer (dba JCTWEB) in 1997, developing a one-of-a-kind automobile database featuring real-time rental car inventory updates for 600 companies.

His next innovations were Re agent for real estate agents and SBPro, one of the first Content Management System website builders. John was quick to recognize that the future was in applications built on Microsoft .NET. His next brain-child, Rapid Vector 1.0, was introduced by JCTWEB in Tampa Bay in August 2006. Without skipping a beat, John founded The SSL Store™ in 2007 as a result of his own internal need for SSL certificates.

In addition to successfully navigating the SSL Store™ to new heights, John is a private airplane pilot, senior member of the Civil Air Patrol and a member of Infragard. He served as past Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce and serves as auction chairman for the Abilities Foundation. In his spare time, as you probably guessed, he conjures up new ways to make technology transform the way we use the web.